About Bollywood Park Rides

Based on Mumbai's burgeoning Indian film industry, Bollywood Parks in Dubai celebrates the wonderful spirit of Bollywood and the stars who give it life. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that includes 4D theatre adventures, epic Bollywood performances, and a virtual world that transports you back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Here, you discover the countless vibrant Bollywood films that, from time to time, make you happy and an array of Bollywood Park Dubai Rides which will add the thrill to your day. When it opened in 2016 it was the world's first Bollywood-themed theme park. With its comedy, action, adventure, romance, flavour, music, and emotions it enthrals every Bollywood buff. It pays homage to the opulence of Mayanagari's illustrious film culture. If you've ever wanted to know what it takes to make a Bollywood movie or how the Indian film industry works, this is the place for you. Visitors can see various recreations of famous Bollywood movie sets, including Lagaan, Krish, the Cinema Circle, and more.

The henna artists, Indian décor, mannequins of stars, vintage movie posters, and colourful live performances make this a great location for a photo op. There are 6 distinct zones in the park where you can enjoy the best of Indian cinema's timeless classics; and these include Mela Junction, Bollywood Film Studios, Mumbai Chowk, Royal Plaza Zone, Rustic Ravine, and Bollywood Boulevard. These zones further have rides that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Rides at Bollywood Park

cricket carnival.jpg
Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival

Playful games and interactive activities fill the Indian village-themed area at Bollywood Park Dubai rides. Take a look at the various games based on the characters from the movies. Take a spin in the Bhuvan's wheel for a bird's eye view of the entire rural Indian-inspired carnival. Get your child on Gauri's carousel, which will make him or her both excited and dizzy as it goes round and round. Tipu's Tub Toss game, where the cricket ball just won't go in the goal, is your chance to win. Every time a can is struck at googly's game, you'll get a prize. Small food stalls are set up at the carnival for guests to enjoy as they play and win matches.

Required Height

Maximum: 195 centimetersMinimum: 105 centimeters

*Opening Hours *2PM – 10 PM Park hours

Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory

Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory is one of the best Bollywood Park rides, where visitors can relive the famous cricket movie scene. In this thrilling 4D roller coaster ride, you'll experience Bhuvan snatching victory from the British Raj's grasp. The 40-seater themed ride provides a 360-degree view of the cricket ball as you spin your way around the track. Bhuvan and his team have earned a standing ovation from the entire Bollywood community.

Required Height

Maximum: 195 CMMinimum: 105 CM

hawa hawai.jpg
Hawa Hawai

Bollywood Park Dubai rides’ Hawa Hawai is a family-friendly roller coaster that provides an exhilarating ride for all ages. Sit back and enjoy a thrilling ride through Sridevi's colourful fantasy world in one of our 12 double-seater hand gliders. The ride will lift you, drop you, and rotate you clockwise so that you can overcome all of your wind challenges. Kites dangling from the sky above the ride reflect a rainbow of colours, while the dynamic structure of the sky entices visitors into a flying experience.

Required Height

Maximum: 105 + CMMinimum: 90+ CM

Bollywood SkyFlyer

Mumbai's Bollywood Sky Flyer is Bollywood Park Dubai rides tallest swing and a world record breaker. It's a one-of-a-kind attraction that attracts visitors of all ages, from the adventurous to the cautious. For those who want to experience hang swinging and gliding all at once, the Bollywood Sky flyer is for you! Lifting, lowering, and rotating will also be part of the experience, all at varying speeds. Passengers are seated in a pair of adjacent double seats and are restrained by seat belts. Take in the park's stunning views and the surrounding area as you swing freely or scream with joy from the enormous tower.

Required Height

120CM-130CM (A), 130CM+ (UA)


This rocket-shaped gravity ride lets you experience a mini-fall inside Bollywood Park rides. Alien Discovery Station, located in a rural area, is ready to welcome the Kids aboard its rocket ship. ROCKET is a kid-friendly free-fall drop tower. This tower will take them to the sky and bring them back safely. On a central tower, a Horizontal Lift seats each junior. Heavily-padded shoulder restraints keep them in place as they are lifted up to their shoulders. It's important to remember, however, that what rises must fall, and the chair lift drops about halfway down the tower before bouncing up and down several times. This free-fall tower will keep your little daredevils entertained all day long as they reach for the stars and touch down on solid ground.

*Required height *

90CM-105CM (A), 105CM + (UA)

monsoon masti.jpg
Monsoon Masti

Monsoon Masti is one of the most entertaining Bollywood Park rides as this water ride incorporates a water gun battle. In a four-person basket, guests are given a water blaster to use on other passengers and onlookers as they pass by. You can ride the Monsoon Masti while simultaneously spraying your fellow riders. Six baskets, each holding four passengers, float and rotate on a spherical floor that is lowered into the water and then vanishes. Everyone, including bystanders, will get drenched in a water fight between passengers armed with giant water pistols! Thus, carry a spare set of clothes with you.

*Required height *

90CM-120CM (A), 120CM+ (UA)

rodeo ki sawaari.jpg
Rodeo Ki Sawari

Indian Rodeo has a long and rich history in rural India, and it perfectly captures the vivacity and glee of the festival of Holi and the patterned architecture that accompany it. As a triple spinning action ride themed to the Rodeo era, Rodeo ki Sawari provides hours of entertainment. The 10 vehicles are transported between two circular platforms that spin at a speed of 10 rotations per minute along a figure-eight shaped path. Two adults and two children can ride in each car, which has a spinner for the passengers' enjoyment.

Required height

92CM-122CM (A), 122CM+ (UA)

Tanga No.13

You and your family will have a blast on the classic Tanga at Bollywood Park rides where you will hop on a wild chariot ride, but beware: this isn't your typical thrill ride. Despite being Family-friendly, this ride features a fascinating wave-length effect that will keep everyone entertained. Ride around the city of Rome in a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.

Required Height

90CM+ (UA)

Abra ka Dabra

Floating Abra, set in Rustic Ravine, is ready for you to board, and the atmosphere here is thick with old stories and legends, full of the bizarre and unsteady. If things continue as they are, it's hard to say whether or not Abra ka dabra will remain afloat. In addition to tugging, this magical vessel can scoot, pivot, and veer its way across the rough seas. This wobbly twister is ideal for smaller thrill-seekers who are ready for a more challenging ride.

Required Height

90CM-105CM (A), 105CM + (UA)

taxi no. 1.jpg
Taxi No.1

In the style of a Mumbai taxi stand just outside of the train stations and intersections, with luggage and boxes strapped to the roof of the vehicle, Taxi No. 1 is one of the exhilarating Bollywood Park rides through Mumbai's streets for the young and the adventurous, featuring high speeds and turbulence. Acceleration, climbs, tilts and drops are all part of the ride's dynamic and unexpected twists.

Required Height

90CM-105CM (A), 105CM + (UA)

Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh

Set in the Rustic Ravine Zone, this is one of the 3D interactive dark Bollywood Park rides equips riders with sound injected infrared guns to take out the dacoits led by Sholay's infamous villain Gabbar Singh. In order to get the most hits, you'll have to compete with your friends.

Required Height

Maximum: 190 CMMinimum: 120 CMAccompanied: 120-140 CMUnaccompanied: 140CM – 195 CM

Ra One.jpg
RA.One: Unleashed

RA.One is back, stronger than ever, and ready to cause havoc once more. Founder and CEO Prateek Subramaniam, son of the renowned designer and creator of the villain RA.One and hero G.One, has invited you to the exclusive grand opening of a breakthrough technology, the Game Glove Controller. However, things go from bad to worse when G.One's archenemy RA.One returns, stronger than ever before and ready to wreak havoc. What can you expect? See who will win the battle for supremacy by taking part in this exhilarating virtual reality experience in 4D and with multiple senses.

Required Height

Accompanied: 90-120 CM

Krrish: Hero's Flight

Krrish, the superhero, will be your personal guide as you soar through the sky above the multi-colored landscape of India. From above, you'll see India's most famous landmarks from a whole new perspective, as well as the epic struggle that would save Earth from an alien invasion.

Required Height

Maximum: 195 CMMinimum: 120 CMAccompanied: 120-140 CMUnaccompanied: 140-195 CM

Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara.jpg
Cinemagic featuring Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

See how a Bollywood blockbuster film, "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara," comes to life on stage in this behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. If you're looking for a fun and educational way to learn about the creative process of filmmaking and post-production, this show is for you.

Rajmahal Theatre.jpg
Rajmahal Theatre

The Rajmahal Theatre, located in the heart and soul of Dubai’s Bollywood ParksTM has a seating capacity of 856. This landmark building combines the poise and grandeur of ancient Indian cinema with the cutting-edge technology of today. The design is based on the royal palaces of India and provides a lavish backdrop for live performances. Private weddings, corporate events, and other types of gatherings can all take place at the Rajmahal Theatre. If you'd like to host a memorable event here, please contact us.

Wheel of Stars.jpg
Wheel of Stars

The Wheel of Stars offers a unique perspective of Bollywood Parks Dubai. To commemorate the evergreen Bollywood films, 36 gondolas will be decorated with Bollywood-themed characters for groups of friends and families to enjoy. The 180-foot-tall Ferris wheel, which is illuminated at night, offers an incredible view of the city from its vantage point at the top. There you are.

Required Height

Maximum: 105 CM+Minimum: 90 CMAccompanied: 120-140 CMUnaccompanied: 105 CM

Don The Chase.jpg
Don: The Chase

Embark on an action-packed journey through Dubai with Interpol agents on the hunt for slick Mafia boss Don. Try to catch the ever-elusive Don in this immersive and thrilling 3D media tunnel ride that takes you past iconic skyscrapers. He taunts you with clever moves and precise driving as the entire world follows every move of yours on the news. Will you be a part of the heroic team that finally captures the notorious Don or will he escape again and emerge to continue his audacious heists.

Required Height

Minimum: 100 CMAccompanied: 100-125 CMUnaccompanied: 125 CM and above

Bollywood Park Rides FAQ's

How many Zones are there to have Fun in Bollywood Ride?

    There are 6 zones in Bollywood Park Dubai rides, and these include the following:

    Mumbai ChowkTake a stroll through the streets of Mumbai, a city known for its cuisine, shopping, and nightlife. Join Don, the mafia boss, in a high-speed chase through Dubai's streets.

    *Bollywood Boulevard *Bollywood Park rides welcome you with a colourful display of cafés and live entertainment. An explosion of colours, music, and dance styles from Kathakali to Bhangra and Bhangra to Tiger Dance is what you'll get to see and hear in India's largest cultural festival. You'll be mesmerised by the fusion of flavours!

    *Rustic Ravine *Rural India is brought to life in this beautiful setting of Rustic Ravine; adventures that never end, just like in the movies Lagaan and Sholay. Don't miss out on the new rides, including the world record-breaking Bollywood Skyflyer, which is the world's tallest swing ride.

    Bollywood Film StudiosBe inspired by Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and meet your favourite Bollywood heroes like Krrish and RA at the same time by attending this course. In the fun and exciting Bollywood theme park, there's a ride for you to enjoy.

    Mela JunctionThe Mela Junction, is the newest section of the park, you'll experience a carnival-like atmosphere thanks to the area's vibrant colours and lively decor. There are new family-friendly rides and Namaste India, a restaurant serving authentic Indian cuisine, are included.

    Royal PlazaThis is the region's first Broadway-style Bollywood musical, and Rajmahal Theatre is the place to see it in action.

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