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About Bollywood Park Dubai

For all Bollywood lovers, the extravagant and extremely pleasant Bollywood theme park in Dubai is a fabulous attraction that you must visit. This fascinating Bollywood theme park Dubai is studded with plenty of rides and attractions, featuring 4D multi-sensory rides, with realistic experiences like no other. Inside this theme park, you can find Bollywood movies from the old epics of the 60s, 70s and 80s to the new age romantic and cinematic marvels. For all bollywood fans, the park is divided into 5 exciting Bollywood Park Dubai Zones featuring different themes and timelines of movies. One of the most popular spots is the magnificent rural village from the ‘Lagaan’ movie, highlighting sculptures, thatched huts and cricket playgrounds as shown in the movie.

Head onto the outstanding ‘rock on!’ themed cafe and feast upon delicious and mouthwatering Indian cuisine alongside thirst-quenching drinks. The marvellous film studios at this theme park, will take you on an edutainment tour of how Bollywood movies are produced with a myriad of behind-the-scenes cinematic experiences.

This theme park also features plenty of gripping rides like the infamous taxi no. 1 roller coaster, the free fall experience at rocket, rodeo ke sewari and more. If you have kids with you on the trip, then there is no better thing than to book Bollywood park tickets and indulge in a fun day of exciting rides and attractions.

Bollywood Park Dubai Tickets Varients

Bollywood Park Admission Ticket

Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets is one splendid package that includes a lot of exciting offers. This package provides access to a lot of themed zones inside the park. Enjoy a fantastic trip to the five different zones and marvel, filled with amazing bollywood inspired architectures, shows and performances. All these five zones are filled with numerous Bollywood movie themed rides. Some of the most famous rides are the lagaan roller coaster ride, lagaan cricket carnival, bollywood skyflyer, the extreme free fall experience at rocket, the amusing abra ka dabra featuring a magical floating experience.

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1 Day 2 Parks Ticket

Book for a splendid 1 day 2 parks Bollywood parks Dubai tickets and dive in for a whole day of tying out exciting and gripping rides. This package of Bollywood park offers access to plenty of rides and attractions. Enjoy a marvellous roller coaster ride with Bhuvan and his friends and have an adrenaline pumping free fall experience at the immensely famous rocket. Bollywood park Dubai ticket price is extremely reasonable and the 1 day 2 park ticket also includes access to legoland theme park and legoland water park for a day. Join in for a fun time with your friends and family.

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Bollywood Dubai 1 Day Ticket

Spread over an enormous area of 1.7million square feet, the fantastic and delightful bollywood theme park is a definite visit in your travel expedition. Bollywood park tickets can be easily availed on our website and includes access to five exciting and vivid theme park zones featuring different bollywood movies, timelines and rides. The recent and most fanciest addition is the 4D theatre called ‘Krrish’ and with its dolby sounds, fogs and mists, you are sure to have a realistic cinematic experience like no other. The Ra-one 4D attraction is another splendid ride that you can indulge in on your Bollywood theme park Dubai excursion.

Zones & Attractions at Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Park Rides and attractions featuring the best of Bollywood hits of different timelines at extremely cheap and reasonable Bollywood park Dubai ticket price. The most recent addition is the Ra-one 4D experience, with realistic visual marvels from the movie, and unbelievable sound effects that will teleport you into the Ra-one world. Other exciting rides like the Lagaan roller coaster and the Lagaan carnival rides, feature the hit Lagaan movie inspired, shows and performances filled with excitement, will make you come back here for more. Your Bollywood park tickets avails access to other exciting Bollywood zones with different rides like Bollywood boulevard, Mumbai Chowk and Royal Plaza.

bollywood boulevard.jpg
Bollywood Boulevard

Bollywood Boulevard is one of the most amusing zones to explore in your fancy retreat. This zone is studded with plenty of cafes with aesthetics inspired from famous Bollywood movies. Get teleported into the 60s and 70s Bollywood timeline and enjoy a myriad of intriguing live shows and performances like no other.

bollywood chowk.jpg
Mumbai Chowk

Bollywood park tickets also include a visit to the excellent Mumbai Chowk. The best of Mumbai lifestyle, its streets, its age old ambiance is best represented in the 3D roller coaster rides, the don tunnel ride and more. Jump on the Bollywood express train ride and vibe with Bollywood musical classics like no other.

royal plaza.jpg
Royal Plaza

An amusing theatrical performance makes Royal Plaza a fascinating and must visit addition to your Bollywood theme park itinerary. The exquisite royal plaza features an excellent Bollywood musical journey showcasing the best of Bollywood movie scenes, and epic songs with a theoretical touch. The fabulous Jaan-e-Jigar performance makes this zone more appealing and a must visit.

Rustic Ravine.jpg
Rustic Ravine

The exclusive rustic ravine attraction is a splendid zone with plenty of rides and attractions featuring the best of Bollywood movies and hits. One of the most exciting rides, the giant ferris wheel featuring glimpses from Lgaan movie will make you come back for more. Ride the carousel featuring the all time loved villain Gabbar as you create some amazing memories.

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Bollywood Film Studios

Get an exciting behind-the scenes experience at Bollywood film studios and marvel at these epic cinematic experiences at the 4D movies. This film studio, highlights the extraordinary bollywood movies like Ra.One and Krrish with gripping 4D experience and amazing sound effects. One can also catch a splendid theoretical performance of gipsies and folktales from India.

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Mela Junction

For all the foodies, the fabulous Mela junction and its plenty of restaurants and cafes serving delicious and mouth-watering Indian cuisine are a must try. With a perfect ambiance of a fun carnival, the Mela junction is a nostalgic experience that you must try.

Rides at Bollywood Parks Dubai

Park tickets include access to a number of extremely gripping Bollywood Park Rides not made for the faint hearted. Adrenaline junkies should definitely try out the fabulous 4D experience at this theme park. These superb 4D experiences feature amusing movies like Krrish and Ra.One and with its fogs, mists, water sprays and unparalleled sound effects, you will definitely get teleported into another dimension. For a fabulous roller coaster experience, jump in the Taxi no.1 and have a fun experience of rapid twists and turns as your cart advances through extremely high speeds. Another exciting ride is the Lagaan themed carnival and roller coaster which will definately test your fears.

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Krrish: Hero's Flight

Tune in for an amazing and unbeatable 4D experience like no other. This exclusive ride will test your strength and creativity as you will be taken on a fabulous 4D cinematic experience with 3D sounds, realistic images, extraordinary cinematography and the fog and mist bringing everything to life.

Ra One.jpg Unleashed

Inspired from the Bollywood hit Ra.One, this extraordinary 4D experience will challenge your friends for an ultimate battle with the biggest villain. Enjoy the unbelievable and immensely realistic experience at this movie themed ride, with plenty of images and realistic videography you are sure to have a fun time on this ride.

taxi no. 1.jpg
Taxi No.1

These fabolous roller coaster rides will remind you of the streets of Mumbai. The carts are made in the shape of Mumbai taxis and as the ride advances you will have fun and gripping experiences like no other. Scream your lungs out and experience a thrilling ride with fantastic images from hustling streets of Mumbai.

Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh

For a fabulous family experience, this extraordinary attraction is a thrilling ride where you will get to shoot the terrifying dacoits and villains from the movie Sholay. Target the enemies with your laser light and enjoy this gripping 3D ride. At the end of this ride you will be rewarded with mangoes.

Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory

This is a fabulous and realistic motion simulator ride that will take you to sets of Lagaan. Indulge in a fabulous 3D experience and learn about the gripping story of the character Bhuvan and his friends from this iconic Bollywood hit movie. This ride can be accessed in the rustic ravine theme zone of the park.

rodeo ki sawaari.jpg
Rodeo Ki Sawari

Experience a fabulous, gripping and thrilling experience on this ride. The platform has over 10 carts and you can swivel on these carts and have a fun time. On these carts, resembling rural vehicles, you are sure to have an instant adrenaline pump like no other. Rodeo ki sewari ride can be accessed in the mela junction zone of this amazing theme park.

Tanga No.13

Tanga 13 is a fun carousel ride perfect for kids. As you sit on the horse drawn carriages, you will have a soothing and relaxing motion. Enjoy the splendid cart ride and have a fun and relaxing session with your friends and family. This ride can be accessed at Mumbai Chowk where you also witness the gripping views of Mumbai’s streets and landmarks.

monsoon masti.jpg
Monsoon Masti

This popular ride will remind you of the soulful Mumbai rains. This is an interactive and exciting basket spin ride, where your whole family can play gun fights with other baskets. Have a wet and splash experience at this amusing ride which can be accessed at the Mela junction.

Dining Places at Bollywood Park Dubai

Be it splendid and mouth watering Indian cuisine or authentic Arabic snacks, Bollywood theme park offers a plenty of dining facilities, high-rated restaurants and pleasant cafes promising a fun dining experience. At Jumbo cafe, feast upon cheesy and delicious pastas with thick shakes on the side. The Victoria station will remind you of the Mumbai streets as the fabulous Maharashtrian cuisine and delights will have you coming back for more. One can also have a delightful shopping experience by visiting the extraordinary Mumbai bazaar and shop for souvenirs, soft toys and shirts at extremely reasonable prices. Heros vault and desi emporium are other fascinating shops selling artefacts and souvenirs which are a must buy.

Jumbo Café
Jumbo Café

Take a break from your thrilling expedition and head onto Jumbo cafe where you can feast upon a wide range of exquisite Italian cuisine. Be it cheesy pizzas or saucy pastas, this cafe with its pleasing aesthetics and quick services will never disappoint you. Enjoy the pleasant views on the theme park whilst in your dining affair from the cafe's window.

Victoria Station
Victoria Station

The gratifying victoria station will remind you of the streets of Mumbai. With pleasant ambiance, hospitable staff and quick services, this restaurant serves authentic and spicy Maharashtrian cuisine that you can feast upon. You can also order Italian food and have a mouth watering experience like no other.

Shopping Places at Bollywood Park Dubai

Heroes Vault
Heroes Vault

Inspired from your favourite superheroes like G-One and Krrish, this fabulous gift shop is a definite visit in your Dubai excursion. At Heros’ vault, purchase amazing souvenirs, t-shirts, soft toys and keychains at extremely reasonable pricing. Shop for exclusive Ra-One and Krrish merchandise for your little ones and enjoy with them.

Mumbai Bazaar
Mumbai Bazaar

The gripping Mumbai bazaar will remind you of the streets of Mumbai. Shop for exclusive items, artefacts, souvenirs, merchandise and soft toys from here. This shop is set up in the Mumbai style street vendors and shops and its beautiful aesthetics will definitely make you come back for more.

Desi Emporium
Desi Emporium

Bollywood souvenirs and mouth watering sweets are the special highlights of this shop. Here you can shop for exclusive Bollywood inspired merchandise and take home the perfect presents for your loved ones. Desi emporium is one of a kind shopping stop for all shopaholics, who like themed inspired merchandise.

Bollywood Park Dubai Tips

  1. If you are planning a visit to Bollywood Park Dubai you can consider better to book for Bollywood parks Dubai tickets online and enjoy exclusive discounts and offers. Bollywood park Dubai ticket price is extremely reasonable and advance booking will help you avoid the rush and the hustle.
  2. Wear comfortable and light clothing to avoid the Dubai heat and also carry extra water bottles throughout the ride.
  3. Carry your identification, passports, visas and covid certification at all times of visit.
  4. Don’t bring outside food and beverages and dine at the plenty of restaurants and cafes at this theme park.
  5. There are plenty Bollywood Park Dubai Nearby Attractions to Visit and Enjoy Like Motiongate Dubai, Legoland Dubai etc

Know Before You Go Bollywood Park Dubai

Bollywood Park Dubai Highlights
Essential Information To Keep In Mind
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  1. Bollywood theme park feature solid rides and attractions inspired from the best of the Bollywood movies like Ra-One, Sholay and Lagaan.
  2. Hope on for an enthralling roller coaster ride inspired from the movie lagaan and have cinematic experience with Bhuvan and his friends.
  3. Tourists can try out 4D experience with Krish and Ra-One and challenge your friends for an awesome battle with their enemy.
  4. Have a super fun carousel ride in the Mela junction and get teleported into the streets of Mumbai in the Mumbai Chowk.
  5. Have a fun experience on rodeo ki sawari as you swivel through the platform screaming your lungs out.
  6. Post your fun and gripping riding sessions, cool off at the jumbo cafe and order delicious and mouthwatering pizzas at their inhouse dining areas.
  7. Order for sumptuous Indian cuisine at Victorian restaurant with aesthetics inspired from the streets of Mumbai

Bollywood Park Dubai FAQ's

How many zones are there in the park?

    There are five exclusive zones in the Bollywood theme park, named as Mumbai Chowk, Royal Plaza, Ristic Ravine, Bollywood Film Studio, and Bollywood Boulevard. Bollywood park Dubai ticket prices are extremely reasonable and allow access to all these zones.

What is the best time to visit Dubai Bollywood Park?

How much time is needed to explore Bollywood Park Dubai fully?

Is Bollywood Park Dubai indoor or outdoor?

What are the nearby attractions of Bollywood Park?

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