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Bollywood Park Overview

If you are a die-hard Bollywood fan and wish to spend a day in a world where everything around is all about your favourite movies and stars, then Bollywood Parks Dubai is your ultimate destination! The world’s first Bollywood themed amusement park is located in Dubai Parks and Resorts and is among the most popular attractions of the city. From Bollywood’s golden era of the 60s and 70s to the latest highlights, Bollywood Parks has all your favourite movies and stars under one roof.

A Bollywood Parks ticket offers you a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the park’s six themed zones– Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Royal Plaza, Rustic Ravine, Bollywood Film Studios, and Mela Junction. The zones boast an Indian backdrop, movie-themed rides and attractions, numerous souvenir shops, authentic Indian cuisine restaurants, and live music and dance shows. Indulge in the authentic traditions of Bollywood at this innovative junction of thrilling 3D rides, glamorous shows, and unassuming performances.

Come live every Bollywood lover’s dream as you join Bhuvan and his villagers in their fight against the British-imposed Lagaan. Experience the charm of Mumbai’s streets and its famous trains at Victoria Station. Witness your favourite Indian superheroes, Krrish and G.One, fight against all villains to save the world. Come along, and you might even get to meet your favourite characters at Bollywood Parks.

Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets Options

Bollywood Park Beauty
Bollywood Parks Tickets

Bollywood Parks Dubai ticket prices include an entire day’s tour of the iconic park. The park boasts six themed zones, colourful and vibrant live dance and music shows, numerous rides and attractions inspired by Bollywood movies, and dining spaces that bring India alive on your platter. Children under three years can get in for free, while those aged three to thirteen will be charged children’s fare. Kids above 13 are considered adults and charged accordingly.

Dubai Bollywood Park
Bollywood Park Dubai - 1 Day with 2 Parks Tickets

Enjoy the fun and excitement offered by two different parks on the same day with the 1 Day 2 Parks Tickets package. The parks on offer include some of Dubai’s best attractions, such as Bollywood Parks, Motiongate, Legoland Theme Park, and Legoland Water Park.

While Bollywood Parks is Bollywood-inspired, Motiongate is the ultimate destination for Hollywood fans. The LEGOLAND Theme Park and LEGOLAND Water Park bring alive your childhood with their LEGO-themed rides and attractions. Choose any two of these world-renowned parks and enjoy a perfect outing with your family. Children under 3 years can enter free of cost, those aged three to thirteen require children's tickets, and everyone older than 13 requires regular adult tickets.

Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets with Dubai Frame Tickets

Bollywood Parks Dubai and Dubai Frame are two must-visit Dubai destinations, now on offer in a single package. Have some Bollywood-inspired fun at Bollywood Parks as you enjoy movie-inspired rides, shop till you drop at the numerous outlets, relish authentic Indian cuisine, and indulge in Bollywood-themed live entertainment. Head ahead to Dubai Frame, where you get skip-the-line access to the picturesque landmark. As the elevator takes you up the Frame, prepare to be awed by the stunning gorgeousness of the city and its iconic landmarks. Also, learn about the city’s futuristic evolution at the Dubai Frame Museum.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets with Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets

Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets and Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo are a combo you cannot afford to miss! Bollywood Parks enthrals you with its Bollywood-themed zones, rides, attractions, shops, dining outlets, and live entertainment. Revel in the India you have known in the movies before you head to the aquatic universe.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo boasts a 48-metre-long underwater tunnel, from where you get to interact with the bigwigs of the marine world. Meet with sharks, penguins, rays, sawfish, octopus, otters, crocodiles, stingrays and many more aquatic creatures. There is also a Glass Bottom Boat Ride for you to admire the bewitching marine animals below you.

Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets with Dubai Safari Park Tickets

Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets offer to Bollywood buffs what Dubai Safari Park offers to animal enthusiasts - a desert paradise to indulge in. Bollywood comes alive at the six themed zones of Bollywood Parks, which house numerous movie-inspired rides, attractions and live entertainment dance and music shows. Savour delicious traditional Indian cuisine as you shop to your heart’s content, and head to Dubai Safari Park.

Home to more than 2,500 animal species from across the globe, the six lands of the park bring the jungle stars – lions, tigers, elephants, Komodo dragons, orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and eagles – to the city. Enjoy live bird and animal shows and even interact with the animals as you tour this expansive safari park.

Wild Wild Wet Waterpark
Bollywood Parks with Wild Wadi Water Park Tickets

After all the heated excitement of Bollywood Parks, Wild Wadi Water Park is the perfect space to cool down. The world’s first Bollywood-themed Park displays the world’s tallest swing ride amidst its movie-based rides, attractions, shops, dining outlets, and live entertainment shows. As you walk out from the adventurous land, another thrilling adventure awaits at Wild Wadi Water Park. From the 105-foot Jumeirah Sceirah to the stormy Tantrum Valley, Wild Wadi has all it takes to give you an adrenaline rush like no other. And if you want a relaxing end to the day, visit the poolside of the park.

Top Rides At Bollywood Parks Dubai

A Bollywood Park ticket offers you and your loved ones the chance to explore some of the world’s finest rides spread through its six zones. Suitable for visitors of all ages, the rides take inspiration from the greatest Bollywood hits and characters. You can even get a glimpse into the old-world charm of rural India and its world-renowned cultural traditions.

Bollywood Park Ride Lagaan
Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory

Lagaan: The Thrill of Victory lets you feel the rush of playing with Bhuvan and his team against the British Raj. Based in a peaceful village of rocky lands and farms, the roller coaster simulates a moving cricket ball. So, if everyone on your team has a minimum height of 105 cm and a maximum height of 195 cm, this memorable ride awaits you at Rustic Ravine.

Bollywood Park Dubai Ride
Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival

Step into one of Bollywood’s legendary villages at Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival. Indulge in the exuberance of rural life at the themed rides, devour delicious snacks and purchase little trinkets to remember this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ride Bhuvan’s Wheel, Gauri’s Carousel, Tipu’s Tub Toss, Champaner Chickens, and Googly Games that awaits you at Rustic Ravines.

Bollywood Park Dubai Hawa Hawai.jpg
Hawa Hawai

Mela Junction is ready to fly you around on a kite on its Hawa Hawai ride! This family ride makes you lie down on hang-glider vehicles as it lifts, drops, and rotates you clockwise. Witness the vibrancy of colour-filled surroundings with your loved ones, but on one simple condition. Everyone in the group needs to have a minimum height of 90 cm, and a maximum height of more than 105 cm.

Bollywood Skyflyer Bollywood Park.jpg
Bollywood SkyFlyer

Would it really be a Dubai speciality if it doesn’t break a few records? Bollywood Parks offers the tallest swing ride in the world. As you tag along on this high thrill ride at Rustic Ravine, prepare to experience hang-gliding, swinging, lifting, dropping, and rotating – all while you rise to 460 feet. Have a minimum height of 120 cm? Bring out your love for heights and scream along on this exhilarating ride!

Rocket Ride in Bollywood Park Dubai.jpg

A Bollywood Parks ticket offers your kids a memory to cherish as they ride the Rocket at Rustic Ravine. A free-fall drop tower for all those with a minimum height of 90 cm, this space shuttle lifts and makes you fall. As it bounces all the way up and down numerous times, the kids will feel the thrill of touching the sky, all while tied securely to their rocket!

Monsoon Masti Bollywood Park Ride.jpg
Monsoon Masti

Mela Junction’s Monsoon Masti promises innovative and themed entertainment. If everyone in your family has a minimum height of 90 cm, take along a spare change of clothes to this mayhem-filled ride. The ride’s six baskets have water guns for their passengers. Spray everyone, including those waiting in line, with water as you spin round and round in your basket with your loved ones.

Rodeo Ki Sawari Bollywood Park.jpg
Rodeo Ki Sawari

Take a ride on a traditional rural Indian Rodeo at Mela Junction. This family attraction has a triple spinning action, with two circular platforms rotating ten vehicles along an infinity-shaped path. So, if you and your troupe have a minimum height of 92 cm, book a seat on this wild journey. Spoiler alert! You can also control your ride with the controller provided on your Rodeo by the park.

Tanga No.13 Bollywood Park Dubai.jpg
Tanga No. 13

If you have ever wondered what a ride on the classic old-world ‘tanga’ (chariot) would feel like, head to Tanga No. 13 at Mumbai Chowk! Hop on with your family on the beautiful horse-drawn tangas, which would take you around Mumbai’s famous Gateway of India. If your little ones have a minimum height of 90 cm, come along and enjoy the ‘wave effect’ of this exciting ride.

Abra Ka Dabra

Rustic Ravine holds much of the magic that Bollywood Parks offers, including Abra Ka Dabra. The magical boat tugs, swivels, twists, and scoots you across rough waves as it makes you wonder if it will stay afloat throughout. Take your little ones on this speedy wobbly twister if they are at least 90 cm tall, and are eager for some real adventure.

Zones And Attractions At Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Parks Zones offers a fascinating experience to Bollywood buffs at its six zones – Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Royal Plaza, Rustic Ravine, Bollywood Film Studios, and Mela Junction. Inspired by Bollywood’s all-time greatest hits, the themed zones guarantee an unmatched experience with their bewitching rides, attractions, and dining options.

Bollywood Park Ride Lagaan
Bollywood Boulevard

Experience the true Bollywood spirit with the vibrant colours, live entertainment, and fun cafes of Bollywood Boulevard. Witness the golden decades of the 60s, 70s, and 80s come alive in the enthralling dance and music performances at Crossroads. As you explore further, prepare to be charmed by the other attractions on offer, like the Rock On, Desi Emporium, and Chalte Chalte.

Rodeo Ki Sawari Bollywood Park.jpg
Mumbai Chowk

Bollywood and Mumbai go hand-in-hand, even in Dubai! The city that houses one of the world’s most famous film industries comes alive at Bollywood Parks, complete with its famous street culture, food, shopping, and party spirits. Join Shahrukh Khan as Don on a thrilling 3D tunnel ride chase at Don – The Chase Begins. Take a melodious break as you witness a stunning show of Bollywood’s iconic train numbers on the Mumbai Express.

Royal Plaza Bollywood Park Dubai
Royal Plaza

Royal Plaza is home to Bollywood Park Dubai’s heart and soul – the Rajmahal Theatre. The breathtaking royal palace has some classic Bollywood shows, with the highlight being the region’s first Broadway style Bollywood musical – Jaan-e-Jigar. The regal experience gets better as you walk around and re-energise with a multitude of lively performances at Stars on Steps.

Bollywood Park Dubai Ride
Rustic Ravine

Bollywood Parks offers India’s rural heartland in all its picturesque glory at Rustic Ravine. Inspired by the village life immortalised by iconic movies like Lagaan, Sholay, and Dabangg, the zone’s attractions recreate some unforgettable bits from these films. Be a part of Bhuvan’s team in the classic Lagaan cricket match, or go on an armed hunt for Gabbar Singh.

Bollywood Film Studios
Bollywood Film Studios

Bollywood’s superheroes are waiting for you at Bollywood Film Studios! Fly through the skies with Krrish, and plunge into the virtual gaming world to fight Ra.One. As you step back into reality, walk into Rangmanch and Cinema Circle. Watch Banjaras’ traditional dance and the classic Nautankis that have inspired movie makers for ages.

Bollywood Park Dubai Hawa Hawai.jpg
Mela Junction

Mela, which translates to ‘fair’ or ‘carnival’, promises a classic experience much like what you have heard of or seen in Bollywood movies. The vibrant colours of the zone are added to by the thrilling rides. As the rush and the excitement tire you out, savour a variety of authentic Indian delicacies at this Mela Junction.

Why to Book Bollywood Parks Dubai Tickets Online?

1.) Book in Advance– Booking tickets in advance ensures you don’t have to worry about ticket availability and other last-minute glitches that could hamper your travel plans.

2.) Skip the Line – Online booking helps you to avoid long queues at the walk-in counters, so you get all your time to enjoy the parks with your family and friends. It also allows you to plan your itinerary better.

3.) Make trip Budget Friendly – You can avail heavy discounts on Bollywood Parks Dubai ticket prices, as well as benefit from special packages if you book your tickets in advance online.

Know Before You Book Bollywood Park Tickets

Location & How to Reach
Essential Information
Bollywood Park Dubai Highlight
  • The world’s first Bollywood-themed amusement park entertains visitors from all age groups, so you can plan a perfect outing with your family.
  • A Bollywood Parks Dubai ticket includes numerous rides, attractions, dining options and live shows to ensure you enjoy a day jam-packed with laughter and excitement.
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai houses the world’s largest swing ride, the Bollywood SkyFlyer. With an unmatched height of 460 feet, it is open to all visitors who have a minimum height of 120 cm and a thirst for heights.
  • The numerous rides and attractions are all inspired by the greatest Bollywood hits and the locations they were based in. If you are a die-hard Bollywood fan, there is no better place in the entire world to experience your favourites come alive.
  • The dining options provide you with an authentic taste of Indian cuisine, including delicious street food.
  • The live performances take you down the memory lane to Bollywood’s golden era, as well as let you experience authentic dances and practices from India that inspire movies.
  • You get to experience the behind-the-scenes of Bollywood movie production and the live shows as well.

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